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I bet you thought the Shitgun couldn’t get any better. Honestly, I didn’t think so either. It’s pretty goddamn great.

We were both wrong.

Last night, I did some work on the shit foam. You know, those little yellow nasty blobs that explode out of shit ball projectiles and stuff? Yeah. I made them kickable. AND SHOOTABLE. And I drastically increased their default lifespan. The result?

Any time you use the Shitgun, you get this huge pile of foam all over the place, and it scatters like wild when there’s combat or players/monsters running through it. It looks absolutely hilarious and it’s so damn awesome, and I never knew how badly I wanted this feature until I went and implemented it.

Similarly, I also ran into a problem with kickable foam bits not bouncing after getting kicked, but I solved that issue. Now I just need to apply the same fix to the gibs, and kickable gibs will properly bounce too! I tried it out last night but the bounce velocity was still too high for kicked chunks, so I’ll have to figure out a way to cap their velocity for kicking without limiting it for shooting. Should be workable.

In other news, the EnergyAR has gotten some pretty nice boosts lately. Along with improved performance and impact effects, UA went and redid the bolt textures and made them look a few billion times better:

Compare this to how they originally looked (solid green or blue tracer meshes) and… yeah. Pretty staggering difference!

But that’s just the visual end. I’ve also gone and done some interesting things in the gameplay department (click for animation):

Aww yeeeuh

EnergyAR bolts now deal EXTRA DAMAGE when piercing multiple targets. I added a damage multiplier based on the number of enemies any given energy bolt pierces. This means that if you fire a bolt, it will do more damage every time it hits a living creature (up to a maximum of 3x the base damage, which is already pretty high).

So if you manage to hit a Pupae, a Gasbag, a Skaarj, and a Titan all with one beam, the Pupae takes the base damage, the Gasbag takes base damage + (BaseDamage * Multiplier * 1) [1 = number of enemies pierced], the Skaarj takes base damage + (BaseDamage * Multiplier * 2) and the Titan takes significantly more damage than it would have otherwise. The multiplier I’m currently using is 0.25, so you get a 25% damage boost every time your bolt successfully hits another enemy after the last one it hit.

So now the primary fire damage output for a single bolt goes like this:
Single hit: 250
Two hits: 250 on first, 312 on second
Three hits: 250, 312, 375 on third
Four hits: 250, 312, 375, 437
Five hits: 250, 312, 375, 437, 500

Eight hits = 3x base damage, or 750. If you manage to hit eight targets with a single bolt, though, shit has seriously hit the fucking fan and/or you are some kind of laser-sniping god. It’s unlikely you’ll ever max out the damage cap per bolt as it is right now, but you’ll definitely notice the bonuses if you fire lasers down a long corridor at a group of enemies!

The annihilator bolt alt fire has a lower damage multiplier – 0.175 –  and is also capped at 3x damage. Regardless, though, the alt will have a more noticeable impact if you hit multiple targets since it does more damage. I gave the alt a weaker multiplier to keep the primary fire competitive; as it stands now, the primary remains more ammo-efficient in terms of damage per ammo spent, but the alt has a higher DPS value if you sustain fire. The alt is also very front-loaded, so missing targets is less of an issue if you aim carefully.

What I hope to get out of this, though, is a nice boost to the EnergyAR to make it even more attractive as a staple weapon (as it was designed to be all along) in the early AND late game. I also want it to be a weapon that rewards cleverness and careful tactical planning. I know a lot of people don’t use it that much, probably because it feels weak in Demo 4 due to the sounds and effects. Since the addition of the improved audio and visuals for the gun, it FEELS a lot more powerful, but now I’ve gone and made it ACTUALLY more powerful, too. Time will tell if this was necessary or balanced, and I’ll adjust accordingly. There’s also the ROF boost powerups for the EnergyAR which appear later on (permanent upgrades) that can push the gun up to 200% firing speed if you find four of them.

The EnergyAR was already the most ammo-efficient weapon due to the free extra damage you deal from piercing extra enemies, but now you get EVEN MORE free bonus damage on top of the base just by hitting several targets with one bolt. I think this is going to make the gun a lot more useful later on when you have shit tons of stuff to fight at once.


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