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Kickable. Gibs.





I never knew how badly EXU2 needed Kickable Gibs (a feature worthy of capitalization) until UA went and implemented them. Holy shit, how much more fun does it get? EXU2’s gore would be even better than multicolor or glowing or translucent gibs if it DIDN’T ALREADY HAVE ALL OF THESE THINGS. I’m telling you, it’s fucking official: EXU2 has -THE BEST- gore of any game EVER FUCKING MADE. I am 100% confident in my convictions here. No one has made gib chunks more amazing than we have. NO ONE. And I’m almost willing to wager no one ever will! But I invite any challengers :I

But seriously, this really does take the multicolor + custom impact effects + extended lifespan + glowing / custom skinning + EXUMoreGore features to dizzying new heights of hilarity. Every single map is now a minefield of distractions; why bother fighting shit when you can run through a huge pile of pupae chunks, listening to them scatter around all over the place? It’s a tough choice sometimes. Seeing a pile of gore is like being a kid in the Fall and observing a recently-raked pile of leaves. What the fuck, it would be a CRIME to just leave that shit there. DIVE INTO IT, DAMNIT! This is what happens now. With flesh. Alien flesh. Demonic alien flesh. (Waffluvian flesh?) Sometimes it’s flesh that isn’t even made of matter, but do you care? FUCK NO! Punt that shit into next week and cackle like the maniacal lunatic you are for playing this mod in the first place.

Similarly, the technical side of the gib system has grown a bit too. I’ve started building in capabilities for developers (i.e. me) to specify custom impact and corpse explosion noises, so you can make robotic or whatever gore that doesn’t necessarily sound like chunks of meat, and I’ve applied this to Laser Spheres so far and will probably apply it to robots and fighters soon. I’ve also fixed scaling issues with Warlord and Fly gib chunks being too small / big, respectively. I did this by building in a simple scale multiplier you can apply to any individual gib chunk (or an abstract group of chunks, like the Warlord/Fly gibs). What does all this mean? It means you can basically create your own custom gibs that do pretty much anything you want. Who knows what could happen! We could wind up with flying, seeking, explosive gibs or something. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Best gore system ever. EVER.


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  1. if you affected by any of the issues raised in post, please call the gib abuse hotline

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