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Aww yeuh, got some good stuff added in the past few days: EXUMoreGore and support for multiple scalable damage resistances and weaknesses in EXUScriptedPawn! Our monsters are no longer limited to just a ReducedDamageType and ReducedDamagePct; you can have up to (currently) TEN different damage type assessments, and they don’t have to be just for reducing damage!

Indeed, you can have these damage types increase damage or even ADD HEALTH to the pawn using a negative damage scale. It’s fantastic. For example, you can have a pawn be immune to Shit damage, have resistance to Pulsed damage, GAIN health from Hell damage, and take extra damage from Burned damage, or some retarded combination like that. I expect this will really allow me to do some wild stuff with bosses in the late game. Best part is that it all works flawlessly on and offline, and it doesn’t conflict with the stock ReducedDamageType variable that I have made heavy use of. No need to do a ton of pawn edits! Yay! Sanity++

There’s been a lot of under-the-hood optimizations to the new gore system, especially with UA’s EXUDecalManager to handle the absurd volume of blood splats, shit stains, and scorch marks that get sprayed all over the maps in EXU2. So in order to take advantage of these optimizations, of course, I decided to take an old mod, MoreGore by 404|shiftre, and make an EXU-compatible version to bring the game back to its unstable, engine-bursting-at-the-seams glory.

MoreGore works pretty elegantly. It is simply mutator that allows you to configure a gore level from 1-10. Whatever number you choose multiplies the number of times a pawn–ANY pawn–calls SpawnGibbedCarcass(). So MoreGore at level 3 spawns 3 gibbed carcasses per kill in addition to the original carcass, whether it gibs or not. Perfect! But the original version, naturally, didn’t support EXU2’s custom blood colors for EXUScriptedPawns. I copied the mutator and modified it to handle these conditions and added some optimizations and improvements of my own, such as a bAlwaysGib option. Now it handles EXU just fine! I also increased the max gore level from 10 to… 50. Yeah.

This, of course, means you can witness some extremely crazy things for pawns with special carcassesĀ  like Archdemons. I killed an Archdemon at Gore Level 10 and watched the resulting chaos at slomo 0. What I saw was… pretty amazing. Imagine a few hundred demon bolts all spraying out of a single target and exploding all over the place, then like 500 plumes of fire ejecting from the extremely explosion-thick epicenter. Pretty much my entire team of bots on Lavagiant died at least once from that (spraying their gib geysers all across the map). Glorious.

There’s few things on earth more satisfying than flying around Contact Beaming enemies on Lavagiant with a maxed out MoreGore, I’ll tell you that.


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  1. sounds like you had a great time!

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