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Successes on multiple fronts, awww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

First, I finished the SpawnWhenTriggered state. I ended up using the foreach childactors to hide/disable/mute overlay effects, even for Archdemons, and controlled their damage emitters via timer. Simply calling a settimer(0,false); on a specific set of actors (I only use one class for emitting damage radii) and then calling timer() again effectively switched the system off and back on again. Thanks of course to UA for that tip.

So yeah basically you can place pretty much any EXUScriptedPawn (haven’t tested it on everything) in a map in UED and spawn it with a single trigger. No need for a bunch of CreatureFactories just to organize a sudden influx of enemies! This is really, really fucking awesome.

But what’s even more awesome is what UA has been working on: SUSTAINED BEAM FIRE and AUTONOMOUS TURRETS – even BEAM TURRETS!

where doing it man


This shit is totally fucking amazing. I’ve pretty much wanted sustained beam weapons in EXU since forever ago, and same with turrets. UA assured me he could do both, and… years passed. We were always busy working on more important things, so it never got touched – not until now. Now that we have Demo 4 out and pretty well patched up and there have been all these other bugs fixed, it’s time to roll out the really fucking cool shit.

The first thing we did was give the Piddledoper a sustained beam alt fire. This makes the gun about 1000% cooler. The beam is slightly less ammo-efficient than the primary, does no splash damage, and has a fixed max range, but it will TEAR SHIT UP because it deals damage about 3x faster. Considering it’s an instant-hit weapon and rapes weak enemies like crazy (as well as your ammo), it becomes a pretty fucking awesome way to take out tougher enemies in the early game.

I decided the Piddledoper could use a better alt fire while watching UA stream a playthrough of EXU2 on Hard and constantly getting his ass kicked. He was slightly drunk too, but that’s beside the point: I noticed that he kept shooting himself with the Piddledoper splash and stuff. Hours later, while in the shower (an excellent place to think), I would have a “GOD DAAAAAMN” moment and it just hit me: PIDDLEDOPER SUSTAINED BEAM FIRE MODE. And that was that.

Now we have actual, 100% honest-to-whatever-deity/object-of-worship-you-want beam weapons. For real. I am so fucking excited about this, you don’t even know. I can’t wait to pack an enemy starship full of Freespace 2-esque anti-fighter beams and unleash the motherfucking fury on UED by building some crazy scripted sequences that utilize all this great new stuff we’ve been doing.

And that leads me to the next point: TURRETS!!!!! GOD DAMN, HOLY SHIT, THEY’RE FINALLY HERE! They can be set to target enemies or friendlies, and they have several different targeting modes. They are flexible, and with the right projectile (OR BEAM) combination, they can become extraordinarily effective crowd-clearing destruction devices. Watching UA stream a test of them in Map 20 with insane hordes of Gasbags, Archdemons, and Skaarj spawning nearly constantly in front of the bunkers in the desert was awesome. I also have to admire his PC’s freakish ability to handle absurd amounts of discord without crashing, cause some of that shit was just beyond belief.

Soon, McShooty – the player-allied deployable turret buddy for use in later maps – will be a reality. This is going to be so incredibly badass; I can’t wait to start designing levels with these things in mind.

All of this comes just in time, too: I just finished the last few bits of the gib/carcass system I wanted to complete, namely transferring custom hit effects to gib chunks. I also have a boolean, bUseOwnSkinForGibs, in EXUScriptedPawn that allows you to set creatures’ gibs to use the same texture, translucency settings, etc. as the parent pawn, resulting in hilarious-looking battlefield debris. Blowing up an ExtremeLaserLord doesn’t just generate a bunch of red Skaarj pieces: they are translucent green energy-based Skaarj pieces that spray out sparks when they hit walls and stuff! It’s hilarious and excellent and things are going really well right now. Hell yes.


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  1. im the zone baby! wooo

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