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This. This was the greatest CTF match of all time. This right here:

This is what EXU2 is all about. This is something not even the SP maps can capture. The sheer volume of utterly mind-blasting discord happening every single second cannot possibly be topped by any campaign map, ever, no matter what. I’m so proud of what this mod has become! But then again, the MP is what really started this all in the first place. Always good to keep it alive (and it looks like it won’t ever run out of steam at this rate).

In other news, I’ve finally finished the goddamn Fusion Flare, and it turned out pretty good even though it took me way too long to figure out BASIC FUCKING MATH to make some functions relating Drawscale, ScaleGlow, and other shit with Lifespan in a way that didn’t look hideous or stupid.

I also have a tentative list of flares that WILL appear in the campaign, either in Demo 4 or later:

  • Nuclear Flare: As before. A single nuclear shockwave, good for killing weak enemies and shoving tougher ones around.
  • Clustershock Flare: As before, but now shows up where Shock Flares used to (albeit in lesser quantities). Explodes like 10 Shock Flares in rapid succession.
  • Biohazard Flare: As before. Combines the Bio Flare and a more powerful Shit Canister for one hell of a nasty, sticky, smelly punch.
  • Fusion Flare: Spawns an orb which rises into the air and sprays out seeking projectiles as it grows, culminating in a moderately powerful explosion.
  • Demon Saturation Flare: As before, but shows up in place of Demon Flares.
  • Super Clusternuke Flare: Combines Super Ball Flare and Clusternuke Flare.
  • Hellfire Flare: Deals fire damage AND demonic damage; none of it will hurt the user. Extremely powerful. Good for creating a fiery defensive barrier.
  • Megablast Flare: As before. Generates a gigantic, extremely powerful explosion.
  • (RARE) Plasma Sprayer Flare: As before. Sprays out shitloads of bouncing plasma balls.
  • (RARE) Bouncilaser Flare: As before. Launches an asston of bouncing lasers all over the place.
  • (RARE) Demonblast Flare: As Before. EXTREMELY powerful demonic weapon.
  • (RARE) Gaskill Flare: As before. Wipes out (almost) all Gasbags in a massive area.
  • (RARE) Hyperball Flare: As before. Spawns an orb that generates nuclear shockwaves on every wall hit.

Seems like a pretty reasonably-contained number to me, especially considering how many are relatively rare.

I’m going to miss throwing all sorts of random flares into every little crack and crevice in each map, but I suppose I can find other weird retarded things to stuff into those places (as well as more of the newer flares). And ammo. And gimmick health items. And I guess I’m not really worried about this becoming a problem, is what I’m saying. BECAUSE EXU IS FULL OF TONS OF KINDS OF STUPID PICKUPS AND THAT’S LIKE HALF OF THE DAMN THING

OK, well, whatever, go watch that video again. Asshole


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  1. awwwwrgh sheeyit, i cant buh-leeev you done dis

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