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Uh ok anyway, recently some pretty good stuff happened. First I made some bigass pentagram thing in Photoshop and it turned out pretty noice, and then I went and modeled the Pentarotor gasbag-deployer drone thing:

And before that, I wrote some bullshit about Shadow Creatures and how they are a menace to society in Hell (which you can uncensor if you want simply by removing CENSORED from the filename, you stutid fuckass):

Speaking of this, I’ve been overhauling Maps 13 and 14 to build this sort of lore into the game directly. I’ve removed one of the first Shadow Creature ambushes where the player actually fights the little bastards in favor of a short scripted sequence where you hear a couple of fucked Demon Commandos get their shit pushed in and then explode, spewing gore all over the place. It’s pretty satisfying. Aww yeeuh, so satisfyin maun

I’ve also been brawling with the recent Battle Flare Clusterfuck Debacle – simply put, there’s too many goddamn flares in the campaign. I’ve added a quick boolean to EXU’s gameinfo and EXUCombatFlare class to disable shitty flares by default (with a user option to reenable them available in the future), which works perfectly fine, but now I have basically no flares at all except for a couple of really rare ones. It’s time to start some Flare Alchemy. Flarechemy… Alchemare? I don’t fucking know man whatever, here’s some plans:

Shock Flares are shit. Clustershock Flares, Shockball Flares, and Shock Saturation flares less so – but individually, they aren’t all that great and take up a lot of scrollable inventory space. So how about a really fucked up combo? SHOCKSTORM FLARE – Explodes 10 times at the detonation site like a Clustershock Flare, spews out three or four Shockballs (with less damage and fewer max wall hits), AND fires off some Shock Saturation Rockets. If I go this route, this flare will be extraordinarily powerful and quite good at killing, but it presents a couple of problems:

1) It’s fucking LOUD

2) Having a saturation blast AND a concentrated cluster explosion AND a distributed wall-bouncing, explosion-generating Shockball dispersal makes this flare a sort of jack-of-all-trades sort of deal, which I’ve never liked flares to be. Flares should be more specific. And if you shoot off one of these outdoors at, say, a Lavatitan in Map 18, you’re going to kill it (probably overkill it) and maybe hurt another Lavatitan nearby with the saturation explosions, but the Shockballs will most likely just fly around and bounce off the terrain and sky, dealing no useful damage to anything.

On the flip side, if you toss this indoors at a crowd of Skaarj, it might kill everything you intended to and then some with the bouncing Shockballs, but it’ll massively overkilling everything. Which is kinda the point of flares, but still. Really OCD players (like me) will just think “ooh I need to save these ridiculously powerful flares for really dangerous situations or bosses!” and never use them in normal combat. The whole point of having flares is to provide more entertainment in everyday situations! The weaker flares accomplish this fine when you have huge numbers of them, but then when you add the more powerful and exciting ones to the mix, you just get this huge pile of crap. I’ve been told a lot of people just don’t use ANY flares because they have so many, so I need to address that without doing a complete 180 and switching to the other extreme: too few flares which are too powerful.

I’ve spent several days thinking about this, but so far don’t have any really solid plans on how to proceed. I’ve marked certain flare classes as bFlareWorthKeeping=true by default, but I need to fill in the gaps left by the Shock, Nuke, Bio, Flak, Rocket, Razor, and several other classes used in the campaign. I might have to just re-enable all the flares for the V2 patch, since the ultimate fix to this problem is going to involve some heavy coding and a bit of HUD adjustment (adding non-tossable inventory items to their own bar, etc).

At least I managed to strip all the Battle Seeds out of the campaign and replace them with Combat Seeds (and EXUFruit with BloodFruit), so people should rejoice over that. I also got rid of the two SCUBA Gears because really, what the hell, they are useless and just take up precious flare space. And the normal flashlights, cause fuck those things. Seriously, Unreal, in the future there won’t be flashlights with 5-minute batteries. There will be fusion-powered OMFGLED hand-held plasma beam sticks that never run out of juice, ever, even after heat death of the universe.



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