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Shit yeah bitches fuckin’ AWWW YEEUUGH

Combined the Demon Flare, Demon Saturation Flare, and Napalm Flare into a colossal monstrosity of firepower: the Hellfire Flare.

This thing starts off by annihilating anything within a sizable radius with a fresh hellblast, but it ALSO spawns a humongous pillar of fire which lasts for a full five seconds and stretches high into the air, burning gasbags or any other flying creatures unfortunate enough to be nearby at the time. While it’s doing that, it spawns smaller fire pillars in a ring around itself, looping around the center pillar a couple of times before expiring and dealing further flame damage to anything nearby. Awesome.

Of course, mad props to Bawss yet again today for hurrying to finish the EXU turret class before heading back to his internet-less wasteland for a month (thanks BT for fucking up the SVN for us in the mean time, assholes). And while he wasn’t doing that, he was whippin’ up a highly-useful HurtCylinder function. It’s like a hurtradius, but cylindrical instead of spherical. It makes the fire pillar attacks go from being nice cosmetic things to actually dangerous at the top of the pillar (and all around it).

Now I have a replacement for all of the Demonic flares (except for the Demonblast Flare, naturally, because it’s awesome, and also for the Demonball Flare since it bounces all over the place) AND the Napalm Flare (which has always sucked, though fortunately isn’t in Demo 4’s campaign). Good times… and great oldies. Wait, that’s not what I m

Anyway, all that remains is for me to do some more flare combos and see if I can get the pentarotor drone working while Bawss is in non-internet-land (what a horrible place; let us pray to the goatse god for him). I guess I’ll start on that junk tomorrow and start seeding the campaign maps with Biohazard Flares and Hellfire Flares and the like. Maybe I’ll work on the Shockstorm Flare and add that? WHO KNOWS ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE OH GOD THE SUSPENSE

Also of note: Homestuck music owns


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  1. bitches yo, i concur

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