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Yeah… I kinda neglected this thing, and the posts ended up getting too long for anyone (even me) to bother paying much attention to them. My bad. But I’ve been busting ass in the mean time, and have made tons of progress on many different fronts.

I’m going to probably decommission this blog and switch to a tumblr account or something when I’m in a better position to start posting notable progress updates. For now, though, don’t worry about my web presence getting dusty. EXU2 is going strong, especially recently. I only wish I could show off my latest work, but 1) it’s not even close to done and 2) it’s a secret!

I’m sure anyone who has spent a lot of time working on a big project knows what this is like, and if they’re reading this, they’re already sagely nodding / snickering / cringing from PTSD due to the title of this post.

While EXU2 concerns itself with Hell quite a bit considering its setting, there are still some kinds of hell that even I, a card-carrying Hell Enthusiast, am not comfortable with.

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I bet you thought the Shitgun couldn’t get any better. Honestly, I didn’t think so either. It’s pretty goddamn great.

We were both wrong.

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Or at least a few hours. It’s easy! Just make a mod with hundreds of classes and give a good 100+ of them names which end in a number! UE1’s method of instantiating these classes ingame or in a level will cause all sorts of broken things to start surfacing years later when you finally figure out what a colossal dumbfuck you were, and the rage will flow freely when you realize you’re going to have to fix all this goddamn bullshit.

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Kickable. Gibs.





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Good news: the Artillery Strike system is working! I managed to get everything more or less functional, if a bit inelegant and inflexible in some respects. But then UA got back from the Global Game Jam and started working with me on an improved version, one that is still capable of being used for any sort of event you want while giving more powerful controls to the launcher class. Read More »

OK, here’s this rand() cycle’s round of Things That Did Happen:

[1.] FINALLY FIXED the SpawnWhenTriggered Patroling fuckery a few days ago, HELL YES. All I had to do was create an OldPhysics variable, get the current Physics at the start of the game and store it there, then set Physics to none and back to OldPhysics when bringing the pawn out of stasis. That was IT! So simple; I don’t know why I never thought to try that earlier.

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Aww yeuh, got some good stuff added in the past few days: EXUMoreGore and support for multiple scalable damage resistances and weaknesses in EXUScriptedPawn! Our monsters are no longer limited to just a ReducedDamageType and ReducedDamagePct; you can have up to (currently) TEN different damage type assessments, and they don’t have to be just for reducing damage!

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Been a while since the last post, so I thought I should go over some of the things that have gone down since last time I vomited my deranged thoughts onto the internet.

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Successes on multiple fronts, awww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Holy hellfire, it works! IT WORKS GOD DAMN IT, SHIT YEAH.

I managed to finish the entire blood and gib system in about a week. Thanks to Core and UArchitect, it actually functions properly. The blood part was trivial, including the decals – all the texturing took the longest to complete. I also have recently implemented a brand new EXUScriptedPawn feature of amazingness, the magnificent SpawnWhenTriggered startup state. But what was a major fucking pain in the god damned ASS was the getting the gibs to cooperate.

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Today I have begun the first phase of a series of enhancements to the blood-spraying system in EXU, i.e. the shitty Unreal one which is being replaced in favor of a newer, more flexible one. This one already supports custom hit effects and a variety of color presets. By the time I’m done with the whole shebang, the aftermath of any given battle is going to look hilarious.

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I have this infallible, INFALLIBLE fucking release and patch system designed to prevent any sort of bullshit from happening. But as Bawss loves to remind me, I am still a waffle. Despite my pristine, square edges, there is always room for the dreaded Waffle Error.

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This. This was the greatest CTF match of all time. This right here:

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Progress. I finished the Shockburst Flare and it’s completely ridiculous; it does a clustershock explosion at the epicenter, all while launching four mini shockballs AND six falling shock saturation bomblets.

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Shit yeah bitches fuckin’ AWWW YEEUUGH

Combined the Demon Flare, Demon Saturation Flare, and Napalm Flare into a colossal monstrosity of firepower: the Hellfire Flare.

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Uh ok anyway, recently some pretty good stuff happened. First I made some bigass pentagram thing in Photoshop and it turned out pretty noice, and then I went and modeled the Pentarotor gasbag-deployer drone thing:

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. A sort of chronicle of EXU2’s incredibly unexciting semi-daily development progress, mishaps, discord, etc.  So there you go, that’s what this will be. I’m gonna vomit words all over the place and talk about building this stupid mod AWW YEEEUUURGGHH

Who knows – it might even be interesting, but probably not. Well, at least not to anyone but me a few years from now. Not my problem yo